The Growth Pot Fund

A new opportunity for groups and associations who support people residing in North Lanarkshire. This fund is available to support Engagement and Participation activities.


The partnership of Voice of Experience Forum (VoEF), North Lanarkshire Disability Forum (NLDF) and Lanarkshire Links (LL) have introduced the Growth Pot Fund. We invite you to visit any of the websites of the above partners for more information.

The Growth Pot Fund is open to any groups, associations, and charities in North Lanarkshire. We welcome applications between £500-£5000 and are keen to hear about local activities that promote awareness of Engagement & Participation by local groups, associations and charities across North Lanarkshire. You can apply online on The North Lanarkshire Diability Forum website by clicking the button below or you can print out the application form and submit to

The deadline for the first round of applications is now closed. However another opportunity will be available to apply towards the end of this year. Please check eligibility on by reviewing the guidance documents pack BEFORE completing the application. Once you have checked the eligibilty of your proposal, click the button below to complete an online application. If you cannot access the link or you wish further information or help, please call Denis on 07305 692098.

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