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Members and Partners

One key purpose of the Forum is to represent the issues affecting older people in the North Lanarkshire area so that they could have a greater level of influence in the community and in particular in the planning of services that affect them.

VoEF has a membership structure that is open to all older people age 60+ and organisations representing older people in North Lanarkshire

The membership of VoEF is able to influence the organisations priorities and focus of work and participate in decision making.

Having a membership structure and strategy, keeps the issues, VoEF is involved in relevant to the age group it represents.

In addition, having a significant number of members lends more credibility to the forum as representatives of older people.

While membership is not essential to participate in the activities of the Forum, it is beneficial as the information will be sent directly to the member.

This will then allow the members to be kept up to date with the work of VoEF and other relevant issues affecting older people in North Lanarkshire.

Membership of VoEF is free and is registered on completion of an application form which is retained on file.


VoEF works in partnership with organisations from the voluntary and statutory sector.

This ensures that we are informed about the issues impacting on older people, ensuring we provide an effective service.

The following is a sample of our partners and the organisations we work with.  The list is not exhaustive and will continue to grow and adapt as services and communities change:-

  1. Voluntary sector – Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire (VANL), NL Consortiums, Community Forums, NL Disability Forum, Getting Better Together Shotts, Community Solutions, Partnership for Change, Seniors Forums.
  2. Statutory – North Lanarkshire Council, NHS, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Adult Protection Committee, Locality Planning Groups, Health & Social Care NL.

Join The Forum

Download and complete the forms below to join the Forum. There are separate forms for individuals and organisations.

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